✔ Manufacturers and suppliers are constantly under pressure to distribute products that maximize their market share to drive sales.

✔ Success lies in having live data on the availability of your products vs. competition at both modern and traditional retail outlets. Our interactive dashboard gives you aceess to relavent and updated data. You can see where to place new listings, restock retailers faster, and set clear strategies for commercial growth.

✔ Our mappers constantly collect data on what products are available at which retail outlets to keep you fully updated on the dynamics of your trade universe. Therefore, you can accurately measure numeric distribution, track SKU performance and benchmark your product’s performance against the competition.


✔ Get up-to-date data on your product positioning on the shelf, number of facings, and promotions. This keeps you in the loop about competitor activity and helps you identify in-store drivers of growth in your category as well as monitor planogram compliance.

✔ For each retail segment, understand which products should be removed, which should be added and which should be replaced from a shelf set to maximize sales.


✔ In today’s fast-changing market, with an increasing number of competitors selling similar products, success relies more than ever on keeping informed about a particular product price.

✔ We track prices of consumer products across multiple product variants, SKUs, currencies, retail segments and geographic areas on a daily basis. We show how prices are changing, how frequently and when.

✔ Get access to robust models to optimize everyday prices and plan effective promotions – in real-time.  Through our continuous tracking of prices across retail outlets, you can gain a deeper understanding on product performance, current market dynamics and consumer preferences to develop a more vigorous go-to-market approach for pricing and promotion.

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