What is mapping?

Mapping is gathering of information/data using Rwazi platform/ app from one location to another

What are the processes of mapping?

  • Sign up as a mapper
  • Get verified
  • Get trained
  • Receive gigs through emails/app
  • Start mapping

What are the benefits of mapping?

  • Soft skills Training , List examples
  • Earn extra cash
  • Build meaningful networks as you map

How does mapping work?

Mapping is self paced , based on the goals and targets one sets toa achieve.

Who is the target audience of mapping?

Anyone can be a mapper as long as you get verified.

Does mapping have categories?

Mapping differs when it comes to categories of industries whose information is being collected.

What type of data does mapping provide?

Mapping contributes to data on consumer behavior, services, product performance , among others.

How is that mapping data collected?

Mapping is collected by use of ones smart phone and the rwazi app/webapp.

Is the mapping data accurate?

Yes the data from mapping is accurate , since its collected from traditional retail level.

What’s the difference between mapping and data analysis?

Please refer to Question 1 for mapping. Data analysis on the other hand is the interaction of the data that has been collected to make sense for the end user.

Which industries should mappers target?

When one starts mapping they receive guidance through the gig instruction on what industries they should approach.

How can a person become a successful mapper?

First impressions matter , one needs to be well presented and groomed, confident in speech and explain precisely what they are doing and why they are doing it. It should be simple and straight to the point.

What advice would you give a fairly new mapper?

Utilize the support available to ensure that you get all the support you need.Ensure that you understand the task/gig, set daily targets and the sky's the limit. If possible start with people/networks you know during mapping..