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Identify New Outlets

Discover new outlets to place your products before competitors, and know when outlets move locations or go out of business.

Optimize distribution

Monitor the availability of your products vs competition across outlet types, location, and time to make your products accessible in more traditional retail outlets.

Deliver to More Outlets

With accurate geolocation, use directions to get your products to more traditional retail outlets in any location in a timely manner.

Monitor Pricing

Monitor the price of your products against your competitors’ to quickly see variations in prices and promotions across outlet types and locations.

Monitor Planogram Compliance

Monitor your product position on the shelf including number of units, against your competitors as well as retailer compliance.

Respond Faster

Immediately know when outlets are out of stock, the time it takes to restock, activities at retail, and respond before your competitors.

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High-Quality, On-Ground Data

We have a robust data harvesting and verification system using machine learning to deliver analytics from high-quality, on-ground data immediately when ordered..

Access Live Data from Anywhere

With widespread coverage, we can quickly build mapper networks and source data from almost anywhere. Data and insights drawn are available to managers in your organization through our interactive dashboard. Data is processed in real-time, so your team’s ability to react faster is significantly enhanced.

Cost Efficient

You pay for what you order. Our services are priced per demand. No hidden costs.

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